These reviews are filled to the brim with the dreaded spoilers!
I mean ...why would you read a lengthy review if you wanted to avoid spoilers? Just saying.


What Is "Not The Demographic?"

" ... that's exactly the objection I get in e-mails from young readers, who complain that no one like me can possibly like a movie like this. They are correct. I have spent a long time, starting at birth and continuing until this very moment, evolving into the kind of person who could not possibly like a movie like this, and I like to think the effort was not in vain."
- Roger Ebert

This blog was started with a simple idea: to review romantic comedies and other "chick flicks" from the perspective of what could be argued the average mid-20's male. To watch movies I was absolutely not the intended audience for and pick them apart for the fun of it. This proved to be much more difficult than first intended, as motivating myself to track down said movies and ... and watch them was easier said than done. Plus, there are only so many ways I can creatively make fun of basically the same stories and situations without getting repetitive.

Thing is, I love movies. I love watching them and I love talking about them, regardless of it's apparent quality.

As a result, the idea behind Not the Demographic has changed focus. We'll still be writing reviews for genres I'm not the audience for, but there will be review of other genres and themes I am the target audience for but you, the reader, might not be, in the hopes you'd be encouraged to maybe give it a shot. The goal is to try and give a movie a chance, even if we're not the demographic.

Fair warning: I believe that if you're actively reading a review blog, you've either watched the movie already and are looking for a discussion about it or you don't care about spoilers. That being said, all of these reviews may contain minor to major spoilers. But you already knew that because there's a fair warning at the top of every page. Just saying.

About Scotty-B
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Scotty-B is a fun-loving guy living in the mystical land of Toronto, Canada. Many friends suggest he is totally rad.

He's been writing most of his life, from small short stories to scripts. While he fancies himself an amateur writer and artist, aside from you reading this blog, he has no notable accomplishments in either field - aside from placing first in a short-story writing contest in Middle School! He won a gift card to a local book shop and spent it almost entirely on Animorphs books ... which he still highly recommends.